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Hello, let us provide you with quality technology products from leading vendors and distributors sent directly to your home or office. Cas Associates e-commerce was registered in Freehold, N. J. October 28, 2001.

Oakhurst, New Jersey 07755-1508 is the owner's office.Leave a message. Send an email to to discuss your requirements. We carry only new products and tell me what you want. I'll respond with ideas and related products. The process of order placement and quotation for payment will follow. Whatever the retail price you'll purchase it at a lower price (exceptions can occur).  Ask some questions. Have fun with an AI product › g › g-F00faAwkE-open-a-i-gpt-3-5ChatGPT - Open A I Gpt 3.5

Zelle available for payment (you must also have it at your bank)